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Hey I just wanted to stop in and say that my capsule wardrobe plan is in motion and I love it!


Today I’ve decided to start creating my capsule wardrobe! Before I go any further, I must explain what a capsule wardrobe is. According to Shalom Mama, a blog that discusses a plethora of topics that are all centered around a natural/minimalist lifestyle, a capsule wardrobe is “A few essential pieces of classic clothing that can be updated seasonally”.  If you really want to take it a step further, you can try to implement Courtney Carver’s Project 333, a project centered around creating a minimalist wardrobe that consists of 33 items total (that includes shoes and accessories) for 3 months. I will post the progress of my minimalist wardrobe soon, but in the mean time check out Shalom Mama’s blog post about her “5 Tips for Creating a Capsule Wardrobe“ and check out Courtney Carver’s project 333 for more inspiration/info.

Lately, I’ve been interested in the Bible, particularly God,for all of my life, as it stands, I’ve been raised non-religiously (to keep it black & white) but if I take a peak at the gray zone, I see a world of inquiry on my behalf. I’ve always been an inquisitive person by nature and I had (at the time) and still have no problem expressing that side of me. Now I will be honest, I’ve probably never gotten a true taste of the Bible, my understanding of the Bible has always been tainted by other people’s views and perceptions. Even the Bible that I own has been tainted by societies ideas,views, and beliefs of how humans came to exist in the world. All I know is this; God answers our first phenomenon; how living things came to existence and the Book of Genesis answers our second phenomenon; how the world was created.

My Questions 

Q1-Are all humans who believe in Christ disciples of God and all that aren’t are disciples of the Devil?

Q2-If you are a follower of Christ does that mean that you are a disciple of God and does that mean that God lives vicariously though his disciples, making a good portion of the human race basically a bunch of Gods?

Q3-Is the Bible’s overall purpose for us to understand the true meaning of modesty?

Q4-Are all humans who believe in Christ disciples of God?

Q5-How do I pray?

*If you’d be willing to answer any of my questions please leave me a comment, I’d really appreciate it. Also I want to pay homage to the blog that inspired me to write this post, simply sweet rose

I’ve decidechallengesd to embark on this challenge that I’ve formulated for myself. As you probably already guessed, I plan to write one blog post everyday for 28 days. The number 28 represents the amount of time it takes for one lunar cycle to complete, that’s why it takes 28 days for our skin cells to regenerate and that’s also why women’s menstrual cycles take 28 days. In my eyes, I simplify all that information to this, it takes livings things 28 days to detoxify ourselves. My intention for doing so is to first, add more blog posts to my blog and second, to just record whatever I’m feeling, seeking, or doing in my sacred space.

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