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Hey everyone I know that I’ve dropped the ball on the 28 days of blogging thing but I think this is a perfect opportunity to go in-depth on the subject ; priorities. Now I want you to know that everything I’m saying has some element of bias embedded in it, thus don’t take my word as gold, all I want to do is to document my thoughts & beliefs .

Priorities are value , priorities are basically like a to do list that categorizes energy based on its value, and don’t assume that just because something may be negative that it has a low value. Value is about the number ; priorities are about the kind of number (meaning is it negative or positive) to explain I’ll give and example. Yesterday we gave a present to my neighbor because she is always giving nice things to us, we bought her some flowers from whole foods which were in a ball mason jar , some gourmet cookies , and cute bag to put it all in. Now I noticed that some of the leaves on the flowers looked a little dead so I simply plucked them off , the point being that the negative energy was a priority to me because I felt it dragged down the overall look of the flowers as well as the energy tone. Does that make sense? I probably could have postulated that a bit better but that’s the best I can do for now.



Hey everyone I just want to say that I will be doing a series on energy a just wanted to introduce this topic, by telling you what to expect as far as the content of my posts for the next few days.

Hey everyone, now I know that I’ve dropped the ball on the 28 days of blogging thing but I thought that this would be a perfect time to discuss “busyness”, according to dictionary .com busyness means, Lively but meaningless activity. Now how that ties into why I dropped the ball on my 28 days of blogging thing, is this , it comes down to priorities and I decided that I was going to put my energy towards my priorities but to you that wold be meaningless, if you followed my blog daily.  Does that make sense? Well I hope it does because that concludes my post, but expect more to come later today.

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