Lately, I’ve been interested in the Bible, particularly God,for all of my life, as it stands, I’ve been raised non-religiously (to keep it black & white) but if I take a peak at the gray zone, I see a world of inquiry on my behalf. I’ve always been an inquisitive person by nature and I had (at the time) and still have no problem expressing that side of me. Now I will be honest, I’ve probably never gotten a true taste of the Bible, my understanding of the Bible has always been tainted by other people’s views and perceptions. Even the Bible that I own has been tainted by societies ideas,views, and beliefs of how humans came to exist in the world. All I know is this; God answers our first phenomenon; how living things came to existence and the Book of Genesis answers our second phenomenon; how the world was created.

My Questions 

Q1-Are all humans who believe in Christ disciples of God and all that aren’t are disciples of the Devil?

Q2-If you are a follower of Christ does that mean that you are a disciple of God and does that mean that God lives vicariously though his disciples, making a good portion of the human race basically a bunch of Gods?

Q3-Is the Bible’s overall purpose for us to understand the true meaning of modesty?

Q4-Are all humans who believe in Christ disciples of God?

Q5-How do I pray?

*If you’d be willing to answer any of my questions please leave me a comment, I’d really appreciate it. Also I want to pay homage to the blog that inspired me to write this post, simply sweet rose